The Pursuit of Signage Perfection

Sometimes we get asked what we do as a business, and this is a strangely tricky question to pin down an answer to for a company that’s been going since 1946. You’d think we would have a stock PPL Signageanswer figured out by now right?

Well, we really don’t and the reason for this is that every day we do more and more bespoke projects in hundreds of different materials and techniques – It’s hard to keep track! Now, the guys in the workshop aren’t a showy lot (unless there’s a particular tune on the radio then they’re all dancing queens!) but we thought we would do some showing off for them, because they do some pretty cool stuff.

We make signs of all varieties, from your standard shop to giant banners to window graphics. But over the years our clients have asked for more and more, because having one hub to do all your branded pieces is just so much easier (we’re not biased at all, honest…). As well as Wimbledon Scoreboardsigns, we help create entire events like The Open – everything from the kiosks to the tee markers pass through our workshop. This means we are able to ensure a quality that runs through everything, and it also means we’ve become pretty damn good at a whole host of techniques! If you can think of it, chances are we can design, build and install it. We love working with creative briefs and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our pieces do exactly what they were designed to do.

Recently we’ve decided to shout a bit more about this side of our business to the wider world, so one of our extremely talented Graphic Designers Nick, worked with Signage to create…

The Signage Book for 2017.  Check it out, and get in touch!

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find us, maybe you can hire… The PPL Team.

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