Wimbledon 2016

As the sun sets on another year (and British Champ – YES ANDY!!) at Wimbledon, it’s safe to say that the All England Club have once again produced a showstopper of an event. Being part of something that holds itself to such high standards could be daunting, but there is something about Wimbledon that is different to any other sporting event in the world.

At Wimbledon they have a list, and this list gets rewritten every year. Every year they try and best themselves with the help of all the things they said they needed to improve. It is quite a brave way of working to admit you have done something ‘wrong’, but when you walk through the gates you suddenly understand. You understand how it is the greatest tennis event in the world, and how every year hundreds que and celebrities flock to the stands. It is a truly incredible sight. Not a hair out of place and not a corner left untouched: it feels seamless. Uniforms of all kind wandered through the crowds and from volunteers in their club colours to the unusually tame paparazzi, everyone had their place and their role and were performing it perfectly. I have been to plenty of sporting events, but none like this. The core team from PPL that resides down in Wimbledon every year plays a part in delivering this greatness every year, with the programmes and the scoreboards. Aiding in this production is not a 9 to 5 job, and our Wimbledon team work day and night to curate the perfect programme every day of the tournament, alongside the scoreboard team who keep the crowds up to date with the scoreboards across the grounds.

A little addition to our Wimbledon contribution this year have been the booths for the programme sellers and mini shops. Having been quite an impressive installation in our workshop for a few months, seeing them whilst out and about in the grounds was brilliant. We’ve put together a little something to show them off, check out the video below.

Months of preparation go into the programmes, installations and the scoreboard, with a huge amount of collaboration between ourselves and the team at Wimbledon. There is no lack of blood sweat and tears, and with the British summer time it is never without surprises. From days of rain to 3am printing runs, it is a job like no other but one we are incredibly proud to be a part of.



PPL & The Brabazon Trophy

Last week some of Team PPL travelled down to the Kentish countryside for the historic Brabazon Trophy, officially known as the English Men’s Open Amateur Stroke Play Championship. Hosted at the London Golf Club, this 5 day-long event with 156 competitors would prove another test of our creative abilities. Armed with the social media accounts of England Golf, we were planning on Player Profiles, Drive Time, Round-Up clips and Leaders Talks everyday along with anything else that took our fancy.

Like any event (especially in the British summer) it was not without its issues, yet despite storms and delays, we were able to produce a number of fully professionally edited clips per day. Having taken advantage of a spectacular sunset the evening we arrived (that and Matt getting a bit excited to use the drone after such a long car journey sitting still!) meant we were able to supplement our same-day edits with a fully stocked archive of impressive footage.

This same-day edit format that we were pushing so hard for might seem unimportant to some, yet the power of being able to broadcast the action in a well-edited professional format mere hours after it has happened is so crucial to maintaining a buzz around an event. Amateur events like The Brabazon Trophy do not have the luxury of huge film crews or numerous news stations reporting, so the value of good quality video clips that increase engagement and interest supporters cannot be underestimated. Social media lives for the here and now, so why should the content you put out be any different?


As well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we decided to utilise the clubhouse televisions to keep players, members and families updated and included, with all the content produced being constantly played on a loop throughout the week. As well as putting a smile on various featured players faces, this also increased awareness and gave a sense of importance and ‘hype’ to the tournament whilst opening up the video audience reach to older spectators who didn’t have access to social media (a fact that delighted the winners – Jamie Bower – Grandparents in particular).

All in all, we had aPicture3 smashing week and met some incredible people over at England Golf and the London Golf Club. Covering a multi-day event such as The Brabazon Trophy comes with some unique challenges but we thoroughly enjoyed being able to capture some great moments and be there 24/7 for all the action across all the platforms.




PPL at Guinness Pro 12 in Edinburgh

PPL went along to the final of the Guinness Pro 12 in Edinburgh on Saturday where Connacht were crowned Pro 12 champions after stunning win over Leinster.


PPL and British Athletics

Lots of work for The PPL Group and British Athletics so far in 2016. On top of signage and event set-up, PPL have produced/are producing a number of digital assets for British Athletics including 3D Motion graphics.

Below are a couple of same day edit videos we produced during the recent British Athletics  Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix.

British Athletics Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix Setup

British Athletics Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix Event Day

The Grand Prix  is the best indoor athletics meeting in the world and will be staged at the Emirates Arena for the very first time, following its move from Birmingham last year.

Farah will compete in the 3000m, likely to be his only indoor race of 2016 whilst Greg Rutherford will be continuing his preperations for the Rio Olympics, in the best single day of indoor athletics ever to be staged in Scotland.


PPL at work in Manchester

Some of the PPL team hard at work in Manchester City Centre installing signage at the St. Peter’s Square new Tram Line.

PPL Drone videos July 2015

A few of our drone video clips from July 2015

PPL at The 144th Open St Andrews

The PPL Group shooting footage in an around The 144th Open St Andrews

Wimbledon 2015 PPL Memories

Thank you Wimbledon for letting us be part of Wimbledon 2015


Wimbledon Scoreboard fun

Wimbledon Scoreboard stripped then dressed in 20 seconds…